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Refund Policy

Effective Date: 1 June 2023. Last Updated: 30 June 2023

  1. Introduction

This No Refund Policy (“Policy”) applies to all users (“you” or “users”) of VidhiNama Academy’s website (“Website”) and governs any purchase or enrollment made on the Website. By accessing or using our Website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Policy. Please read this Policy carefully before making any purchase or enrollment on our Website.

  1. Scope

This Policy covers all products, services, courses, subscriptions, or any other offerings provided by VidhiNama Academy (“we” or “us”) through our Website. It applies to both paid and free offerings, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  1. No Refund Policy

3.1 General Policy

VidhiNama Academy does not provide refunds for any purchases or enrollments made on our Website, unless specifically stated otherwise in writing. By making a purchase or enrollment on our Website, you acknowledge and accept that all transactions are final and non-refundable.

3.2 Non-Refundable Products/Services

All products, services, courses, subscriptions, or any other offerings provided by VidhiNama Academy are non-refundable, unless otherwise specified by us in writing.

3.3 Digital Goods

Digital goods, including but not limited to e-books, videos, software, or any other digital content, are non-refundable once accessed, downloaded, or delivered. We do not provide refunds for digital goods due to their intangible and non-returnable nature.

3.4 Discontinued or Modified Offerings

In the event that we discontinue or modify any product, service, course, subscription, or offering, we are not obligated to provide refunds or compensation for previous purchases or enrollments made prior to such discontinuation or modification.

  1. Exceptional Circumstances

4.1 Technical Issues

In the case of technical issues or errors on our part that prevent you from accessing or utilizing the purchased product, service, course, or subscription, we will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue. If we are unable to rectify the problem within a reasonable time frame, we may, at our sole discretion, offer a refund or alternative solution.

4.2 Legal Requirements

In exceptional cases where local laws or regulations require a refund, we will comply with such legal obligations. However, you must provide necessary documentation or evidence to support your claim, as required by applicable laws.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this No Refund Policy or need assistance with any related matters, please contact us at


VidhiNama Academy reserves the right to amend or update this No Refund Policy at any time, without prior notice, in its sole discretion. It is your responsibility to review this Policy periodically for any changes. Continued use of our Website after modifications to this Policy signifies your acceptance of the updated terms.

By making a purchase or enrollment on VidhiNama Academy’s Website, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by this No Refund Policy.

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